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If you know how much home you can afford and have started the home loan approval process AND have a grasp of your wants, needs, desires for your new home (I can help guide you on this – there are a few more things to consider than just how many bedrooms and bathrooms), then you are probably ready to start looking at properties.

Home Loan Pre-Approval

Once we find the right home, our negotiating position is greatly improved if you are pre-approved for a home loan. The pre-approval from your lender lets the seller know they are working with a serious buyer. A pre-approved buyer can also close on a property more quickly – another major consideration for a motivated seller.

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification

Pre-approval uses basic information as well as electronic credit reporting. It is a true home loan commitment, which means a commitment to financing your home and an indication of the total mortgage amount available to you. Pre-qualification is an estimate of what you can afford. When you pre-qualify for a mortgage, the lender collects basic information regarding your income, monthly debt, credit history and assets, and then calculates an estimated home loan amount for which you might be approved if all details and background information are verified.

Evaluating Possible Properties

I will help you through the evaluation of those that we look at, the financing options available, estimate your costs associated with a specific purchase, prepare and present your offer, and negotiate the sale.


Elements of the negotiation include knowledge of how long the home has been on the market, price reduction history, other offers in play or rejected, what personal property is included or negotiable with the sale, acceptable possession date, whether a relocation company is involved or not, comparables sold in the area and average time on the market.

Home Inspection

A home inspection is an analysis and unbiased opinion of the existing physical condition of the home.

It provides no projection of future performance of materials or systems within the home.

The inspection usually lasts two to four hours and includes the house and garage, fixtures and appliances included in the purchase, and results in a written report to document the findings. Specifically excluded are personal property, swimming pools and hot tubs, recreational facilities, fences, cosmetic conditions (carpet, vinyl, paint, wallpaper, drapes), outbuildings, environmental issues and testing, insect and rodent infestation. The price varies depending upon the size and style of the home. You can generally expect the cost to be in the $275.00 to $400.00 range and you must pay for the inspection on-site to receive your written report. I have an inspector that I refer to all of my buyers. You can find a link to his website here.

Getting to the Closing Table

How many things can go wrong between getting your purchase agreement accepted and actually taking title to the property? I actually don’t know, but it is a large number – and I am fairly confident I’ve seen and resolved most of them. Financing, appraisals, inspections, family situations, job changes, mother nature, work orders and many other things come into play and can have a profound impact on the original terms of the purchase agreement as written.

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Phoenix Golf Homes for Sale