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Cave Creek Golf Homes

Below are homes within golf communities that are currently available for sale along with the median sales price for the previous year in Cave Creek, AZ. If you would like to see all of the homes available in Cave Creek, click on “Search” tab followed by the “Features” tab. You will see that there is a check next to the “Golf Amenities”. Uncheck that box and all properties in Cave Creek are then shown. You can further your search by adjusting any of the criteria to fit your needs.

Below the map search are the 10 most recent listings in Cave Creek. This will give you the opportunity to see Cave Creek, AZ homes as they are coming on the market.

To see a home or for technical support, just call  623-206-9936 or use the “Help” feature on the left side of your screen.


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Cave Creek median sales prices
Cave Creek Recently Sold Homes
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Phoenix Golf Homes for Sale